Top 12 Quotes By Grant Cardone


Criticism’s Easily Avoided By Saying Doing And Being Nothing. “Grant Cardone”



Unwillingness To Do What No One Else Wants To Is Why People Lack Money. “Grant Cardone”


Never Fear The Haters You Can’t Reach Your Potential Without Them. “Grant Cardone”


Have Goals So Big Your Problems Pale In Comparison. “Grant Cardone”


Never Lower Your Price Add Value. “Grant Cardone”


Never Lower Your Targets Increase Your Actions. “Grant Cardone”


Just Because Most Don’t Make It Doesn’t Mean You Can’t. “Grant Cardone”


You Can’t Get Anywhere Flying Under The Radar. “Grant Cardone”


Show Up Early Treat People With Respect Perform At Highest Levels. “Grant Cardone”


There’s No Storage Of Money Only Of People Thinking Big Enough. “Grant Cardone”


Dont Go To Work To Work Fo To Work To Prosper. “Grant Cardone”



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