“The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person. You know they’re right if you love to be with them all the time”

Julia Child

“If we lose love and self respect for each other, this is how we finally die”

Maya Angelou

“I believe forgiveness is the best form of love in any relationship. It takes a strong person to say they’re sorry and an even stronger person to forgive”

Yolanda Hadid 

“There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love”

Bryant H. McGill

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do”


“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage”

Lao Tzu    

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning”

Brad Henry

“We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone”

Orson Welles

“Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness”


“A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love”

Max Muller

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love”

Mother Teresa

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved”

George Sand

“The most important thing in the world is family and love”

John Wooden

“The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love”

Hubert H. Humphrey

“Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out”

Jenn Proske

“Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love”

Charles Maurice de


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